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Bay Area Personal Experience Report

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So here I am in the Bay area. That place, one of the epicenters of lunacy. Once again just living my life, I have been slapped in the face with reality.

Yesterday, what a day, I learned again, that what you think what is, isn’t. In this case I would be referring to the rock star Tom Petty who is originally from Gainesville, Florida. Now I don’t know much about Gainesville. I was told that is near Georgia by the panhandle, where ever that is. Basically I know more about some rock star’s career than I do North American geography but I am a product of the government run educational system after all.

As you may have noticed lately there is a whole bunch of emotional outrage in the here un-United States, over issues that shouldn’t have even amounted to much when compared to the everyday goings on that seems to go unnoticed to the average propaganda believers called the American public. Now I won’t get into the particular incident alluded to here but if I had a dog it would bark “Roof!”

Now let me redirect back to my starting point. Thinking something or someone is one thing and in reality turns out to be something else entirely.

Prior to yesterday I thought I liked the music and character of the successful musician Tom Petty. I thought a man such as Tom Petty, being from the South and produces music that directly leads the listener to believe he is a good Southron person rich in Southern pride and culture, would be intelligent enough to understand a few things about American history. I believe now, once again, I have been duped.

In an article I found a few days ago, the musician Tom Petty stated something to the effect “using the Confederate Battle Flag at his concert was stupid…” Well, I won’t argue with that. If you don’t have the balls and intelligence to handle the responsibility of displaying a symbol that refers to you as a “rebel” against government aggression then I say keep your vagina plugged Tom and don’t fly it

So whatever, if he can’t handle the media and his personal shortcomings that is his problem. So to hell with Tom Petty(sorry wife). He is unlike Kid Rock who wants everyone to know if you don’t like the way he does business at his shows “You can kiss his ass.” when it comes to the flying of the Confederate Battle Flag. I would hope that if anyone wanted to do so, per his request, it would be after he has had intestinal trouble after a bad lunch with Mexican food. But hey that is just me.

So if I can get to a point that I find most unpalatable. It is part of a common theme. The same old song and dance if you will. Something that is thrown into my face daily. As of late it has been multiple times a day in many different mediums.

TP stated(TP being the initials of the before mentioned rock star) a name which I no longer want to hear or write anymore because, personally, he kind of broke my heart. Yes I know, how gay right? Well folks now I can legally marry him in any state of my choosing so who is gay now? After I divorce my wife of course.

Well anyway, this TP says something like “ we should think about how black people would feel…” Holy shit, did a guy from the South, who has an album called ‘Southern Accents’ and a song called ‘Rebels’ just say “we” should all think how black people should feel? Besides excluding all the other races and even using a blanket statement to cover the “feelings” of black people I am taken aback. Really? Did Mr. Anti-establishment , who released the album Hypnotic Eye just go and become another zombie of political correctness? The same guy who produces music with lyrics like:

‘Even before my father’s father they called us all rebels
While they burned our cornfields
And left our cities leveled
I can still feel the eyes of those blue-bellied devils”


“there is a southern accent where I come from
The young ‘uns call it country
The Yankees call it dumb”

Even the song “Won’t Back Down” had to have meant something. He took on the evil of big record companies slimy business practices for Pete’s sake!

Well this writer, a white male, who is a Scottish, Irish, French Portuguese mutt whose maternal grandmother was born and raised in Morocco, Africa, basically in poverty, has a question. “What about the way I fucking feel?”

If this is the new norm in the United States and world. If this is America’s new S.O.P. (standard operating procedure) If we are all suppose to be sensitive and tolerant to the feelings of others, then why isn’t everyone going to be included? It is funny, but not ha-ha funny, that so much political correctness is non-applicable to the white race. Especially the white hetero sexual males.

What a previously bigoted, sexist, racist paragraph coming from a white privileged asshole. Yes I know. Where are the thought police when you need them?

So basically, to continue, we will all be sensitive to everyone, except, specifically, hetero sexual white males. Especially if those males are gun toting, freedom loving individualists who would just prefer to left alone.

Now considering, collectively, we were just trying to be left alone and also at the same time reciprocating in kind as an ethical courtesy, we have seen the true colors of the so called victim classes of society and the defenders of these under paid actors as well.

Over several decades, these so called oppressed people, who profess to want freedom, have acted in the same evil way as the picture they paint of their so called aggressors. They have organized, formed gangs and incrementally used pressure groups and politicians to force their views onto the rest of the citizenry.

These groups claim, on a regular basis, that somewhere, somehow, there are men organized, which do nothing but work to oppress them and spread hate. So far the hate only seems to come my way. Unfortunately I am white and I am too privileged and advantaged to complain.

So as these groups organize on the basis of sex, sexual preference, race, or whatever other ridiculous absurdity that they come up with, they all in one way or another proliferate the philosophy of collectivism. This is the opposite school of thought to individualism.

For the government and their concerns it cares not for these groups and their gang mentality. The government loves collectivism, practices collectivism and is collectivism. A collectivist state puts the group before the individual and becomes the authority over all. The right to life, liberty and property become null and void. Collectivism gives the politician a façade of legitimacy.

This anti-American philosophy gives rise to a multitude of new laws, regulations, departments and agencies. All of which require more and more of our time and fruits of our labor which they, the politicians and their minions, constantly demand from all of us no matter how much we bitch and moan. In a world of collectivism all personal property is there for government consumption. Where it wants. When it wants. The right to property is NOT recognized by any government parasite anywhere in America, period. Collectivism is the career politician’s job security and they love it.

Just look at collectivism like erosion. The condition in the environment dictates the speed at which the erosion occurs. So when it comes to the erosion of liberty it depends mostly on how much the government pisses down our backs and tells us it’s raining to gauge the loss of freedoms. The more piss the greater the loss.

So that being said I must ask something to the poor oppressed gays, negroes, Hispanics, women, animals, trees, transgendered vegan platypus and their manipulating handlers(oops, can’t forget the Muslims): Should I say sorry, give you a free ride at my expense and treat you like children while rejecting my identity?

Shall I? When all you do in concert is help enslave me by creating and supporting endless laws against my independence and liberty. You vote for expansion of government into every facet of my life and private affairs. Your actions show your attempts at a psychological castration which should be met with nothing other than hostility, contempt and ridicule. Then you are shocked and appalled by it. So please drop the act and admit to being the antagonists of the western civilized male.

As a matter of fact the activities of the rent a mobs, pressure groups and highly organized dirt bags we call representatives are actually doing more harm to themselves than good. They are attacking the very culture and people of that culture who actually gave them the most protection from subjugation and the most freedom to pursue their interest no matter how perverse we now see that they have become. Where in the hell would any of these poor oppressed groups of parasites be if it weren’t for the male and his packing of brass balls with the intestinal fortitude to slash, shoot and smash tyrannical demons that pop up and show their ugly head? And these are American men, men of all races, men of principle not of race.

Of course I can hear it now. All the crying about slavery and every other imperfection of “good ol’ ‘merika” and it’s early beginnings. Of course we should acknowledge those things and at the same time action should be taken not to repeat the same mistakes that were incompatible with freedom and liberty in the first place. Currently the ignorant masses in their collective wisdom do the exact opposite.

In their ignorance, purposeful malice, their refusal to know the truth, history, and to recognize the self evident, they are helping the collectivist government confine every man, woman and child in an open air prison.

Soon it will be apparent, no matter how severe someone’s cognitive dissidence, that this country, this world, is anything but conducive to a free society. This is already a world where everyone is required to live by the permission of a state entity and these self righteous do-gooders, devoid of the virtue of independence, aid in the tyranny over all men’s minds.

Are we all suppose to acquiesce to every demand of these tens of thousands of wanna be despots? When do we show them which finger is the longest? Even if we are severely outnumbered and currently lacking the philosophical and logistical support to effectively eradicate these slave making anti-Christs.

Yes I know, I know. The use of the word eradicate lets scumbags have an opportunity to call me a Nazi. I am sure most are aware as well, as I, the double standard for hetero-sexual white men that have virtues of honesty and independence.

One rule is that labels like Nazi, racist and bigot, those are terms only to be used to label whites. And whites, well you aren’t allowed to use historical factual examples of fascism when talking about anyone who isn’t white. Plainly stated, fascists can only be white. To describe anything that now is being contrived by government, crony capitalists and their shock troop pawns(the poor under privileged collectivist minorities) as fascist becomes a moot point due to the fact we don’t see goose stepping soldiers or death camps, yet. And we all know who is supposed to be going to the camps this round right?

As an experiment try to explain to a collectivist that the smallest minority is the individual and watch their feeble attempt at debate by scouring their dysfunctional mind for media talking points.
Seriously, take a look at communists, the pinnacle of knowledge when it comes to capitalism. They always are the fucking experts. Don’t bother finding a capitalist. Just take their word on everything as true and factual.

If someone asked me about communism I’d be sure to direct them to an authentic, private property hating, graduated income tax making, national bank promoting, religion loathing, government run school building, murder committing red bastard. Where I live I need only to walk 100 feet in any direction and I am certain to run into one, literally.

Since the truth stands on its own two feet nobody needs to lie, omit, distort or misrepresent the collectivists and the evils they propagate. All anyone needs to know is that there are two schools of thought, collectivism and individualism. Public schools have made sure to disregard one. They can’t seem to teach that what they teach is anti-freedom but hey they need pensions too. At everyone else’s expense of course. Even philosophically lobotomizing children is AOK, ask anybody.

That leads me to mention that all anyone needs to do is have the right intellectual ammunition to win the fight. So stack it high and stack it deep intellectually speaking. Then arm your friends, family or grocery clerk. Whomever and whenever you can. Don’t play the enemies game, know it, fight it and be innovative with it. WIN IT!

Most lovers of liberty by now must realize, thanks to the internet or common sense, hell even personal experience, that when you ask the mafia boss for protection that he isn’t going to tell you point blank to go dirty Harry on his ass and blast him in the face with a .44 mag. So what do we ask of these slave making anti-Christs? I say nothing. Haven’t we asked enough already?

With not a single word that was honorable or sincere. Not a bit of time for “the people” that wasn’t to further fill their bags of loot and their extension of power over all the land they see as theirs.

These types are predominantly sociopaths. 1 in10 are supposedly sociopaths. You don’t fix sociopaths. You can’t reason with sociopaths. You don’t trust sociopaths. You lock and cage sociopaths. Gladly pay for the service out of your own pocket with a smile. Then go on living a life of productivity, freedom and prosperity, with the end result being happiness if you are lucky.

Unfortunately these sociopaths are backed by tens of thousands of those wanna-be despots I mentioned earlier. Unless you are Chuck Norris, John Wayne or Rambo you don’t go out and like a cowboy wrangle thousands of sociopathic freedom killers like cattle. It’s nice to dream, especially with Hank Williams Jr. or Marty Robins playing in the background but dreams cost nothing to produce and are almost effortless to make. These bastards responsible for all the worlds ills are rooted in that dreaded thing called reality and to make shit happen you have to happen.

Even as I write this I have seen just for 10-20 seconds on CNN that now a recruiting station or something just got shot up with multiple rounds of ammo and that possibly four are dead. Sounds like a routine misdemeanor stop by the police these days.

However should anyone care, if they are paying attention, if it is terrorism, a false flag, a nut job on psychotropic drugs or a military psy-op? Hell no! Not anymore. We should care that this is another culture changing event and with the new culture being born another culture dies.

Can your eyes see what culture needs a damned priest for last rites? It sure isn’t the culture that loots and gets free fractional reserve notes and preferential treatment when applying for jobs.

It sure isn’t the culture that wants government to fine businesses and force people to make cakes against their will. It isn’t the culture that wants foreign rapists, killers and gangs to run amuck on our streets. And it sure isn’t the culture that wants the government to force medical procedures on our children even when it is against our beliefs and values.

Oh no, it is the culture, maybe your culture, that believes that individuals are meant to be free. That people should have responsibility and provide a value by being productive so they can live. It is probably the culture that believes you have the right to defend yourself and acquire the means to do so without any permission from anybody. More than likely it is the culture that believes in the right to property and the right to use or dispose of it as one sees fit.

Is that your culture? American culture. The culture where people are of principle and not of a race. After all, what race is an AMERICAN?

If those are your values, if that is your culture, then figuratively speaking you are getting your ass kicked daily. It sure would be safer too and less painful to dump your convictions. Join up with the useless bread and circus crowd while society turns into something worse than Orwell’s 1984. You could go along to get along. Sure it would be nice.

However you are not getting to make the choice. Your daily beat downs are the forces of evils way of telling you “Kill yourself or we will.” Do you like that choice? I know I don’t. You don’t either if you have a functional conceptual mentality.

So what now? Think we all need more typing on the keyboard? How about reading more news about what is happening? It has been years now of these very things. Has it been working? Yes more people are aware and “waking up”. So has evil turned tail and run? Nope it hasn’t. If anything the demon army from hell has grown and they march to your house.

They are going to kill you! Rape and torture your women and children! Then they’ll string you up or put your heads on pointed poles just as examples for any thinking individuals who are still sitting on the fence.

So what is the proper course of action humans? What is just and proper? What are we as a whole suppose to do?

If an innocent curious baby crawls upon busy train tracks do you calmly walk down the street to the neighbors house and let them know that their child is about to have an early expiration? Do you send an e-mail? A text message? How about taking a candid picture then putting some really witty one liners on it? It could go on your Facebook page. You could perhaps start a website or make t-shirts as well. All of which is pretty pointless in the grand scheme of things when it comes to that baby and it sitting on the train tracks.

Maybe the right thing, the only thing that anyone should do, is put their personal comfort zone and fears on a permanent fucking vacation, jump up off your redundantly predictable ass and save the fucking baby!
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