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The Reality of Islam Knowing the Real Enemy

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The Reality of Islam

Knowing the Real Enemy

Mike Scruggs

Just in case you were thinking that the Palestinians are not a serious threat to the continued existence of Israel, you might want to review some of the rhetoric spouted at a recent pro-Hamas rally in Gaza. On November 3, 2011, Al-aqsa TV aired coverage of the Gaza rally. The rally organizer was frank in his hatred for Jews and Israel, saying:

“Islamic Militants in Gaza: Allah’s teachings are the fire with which we harvest the skulls of the Jews…We move closer to Allah through blood, body parts, and martyrs.”

Here are some excerpts translated from the speaker’s long train of hatred for Jews and the State of Israel:

“Praise be to you our Lord (Muhammad), You have made our killing of the Jews an act of worship, through which we come closer to you.”

“Allah’s prayers upon you, our beloved Prophet. You have made your teachings into constitutions for us—the light with which we dissipate the darkness of the occupation, and the fire with which we harvest the skulls of the Jews.

“Yes, our beloved brothers, even though the entire world moves closer to Allah through fasting, through hunger, and through tears, we are a people that moves closer to Allah through blood, through body parts, through martyrs.”

“Oh sons of Palestine, oh sons of the Gaza Strip, oh mujahideen (holy warriors)—wage Jihad, wreak destruction, blow up and harvest the heads of the Zionists. Words are useless by now. The lie of peace is gone. Only weapons are of any use—the path of (recently killed) Yousuf and Ali, the path of martyrdom and Jihad. Only our wounds talk on our behalf. We speak nothing but the language of struggle, of Jihad, or rockets, of bombs, of cannons and of martyrdom-seekers. This is the language in which we talk and negotiate with the Zionist enemy.

“We say to the Zionists; Like a bad seed, we shall uproot you from our land, so that it can blossom in the light of the everlasting sun of our Jihad, and our invincible religion. Jerusalem is not yours—get out of it! Haifa is not yours—get out of it! Tel Aviv is not yours—get out of it! Oh Zionists, get out before we expel you. These are the words of the mujahideen (holy warriors)”

Two major political parties compete for power among the Palestinians: the terrorist groups Hamas and Fatah. Hamas was established by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as a way of making political and armed conflict against Israel. With the Muslim Brotherhood gaining power in Egypt, Israel’s survival has been jeopardized.

So far, President Obama has tried to solve the Middle East’s terrorist proclivities by reaching out to the Islamists. In domestic politics, he has tried to erase every sign that the United States is threatened by any form of Islamic terrorism. Even the “War on Terror” is out the door. Several past presidential administrations tried to disconnect any association with Islam and Jihad with terrorism. But the rhetoric that Islam is “a religion of peace and tolerance” is beginning to wear thin with the American people. Americans have become more realistic about the nature Islam. Far from peaceful and tolerant, the teachings of the Koran and Muhammad are filled with passages calling Muslims to dominate the world by whatever means necessary. Muhammad’s favorite method was the sword.

Nevertheless, the Obama administration is trying to ban any recognition that modern terrorism is closely liked to Islam, the Koran, and the teachings of Muhammad.

Fortunately, several Republican presidential candidates are now insisting that the American people should know the truth about Islam and Jihad.

In the January 7 New Hampshire Presidential Debate, candidate Rick Santorum first criticized the results of the President’s conciliatory approach to Islamic terrorists:

“He has been making mistakes at every turn in Iran, in Egypt, I would argue, Libya, Syria, Israel. All of these places, he has made mistakes on the ground that have shown the people in that region that we are the weak horse. That is something that cannot happen because it will cause events like you’re seeing in the Straits of Hormuz. There will be push, push. America is soft and so they can be pushed around.”

Then he took issue with the President’s extreme political correctness in denying the reality of Islam, strongly implying that Obama’s decision processes to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan were based on political correctness rather than truth:

“…you make that decision based on an analysis of understanding how virulent the threat of radical Islam is. And you confront that threat not just militarily, and importantly not just militarily. You confront it first by being honest with the American public about what this threat is. This president has sanitized every defense document, everything. There’s no — the — the word radical Islam doesn’t appear anywhere.

Why? Because we are fighting political correct (ness) — we’re trying to fight this politically correct war and not being honest with the American public as to who the enemy is, how virulent they are and why they hate us and what we must do to stop them.”

In 512 BC, when Chinese General Sun Tzu said that knowing your enemy is key to victory in war, he was speaking of knowing realities rather than political correct fiction.
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