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The Wall Had Writing On It?

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PostPosted:     Post subject: The Wall Had Writing On It? Reply with quote

Judging by your personal experience you might understand the titles inferred meaning. I would assume that depending on your age, where you come from and all that you know, the title, might give you a heads up on what theme might be expressed below.

You could say that “you” the reader, have a whole life time of experiences and the saying “the writing is on the wall” means something that we all can relate to. Correct? However we understand, the meaning of the phrase “writing” for each individual could be almost any color from the pallet so to speak.

Perhaps the age and maturity of the particular person gives them a different understanding about life and how we should behave or be in society. It is apparent that these times are very different today compared to a 46 year olds life back when they were twenty. So the “writing” is going to be quite subjective if we all get together and discuss “the writing” that is on “the wall”.

From my experience and collection of knowledge I remember being twenty. Not as well as I would like but never the less I have no problem recollecting, just like some old granny rocking on the porch in a chair made of wood from American trees with a coach gun under an afghan, I remember how it use to be in the old days.

When I was young (which for some in this time period of 70 being the new 40, I may still be) I know for a fact that our grocery stores were a place you could count on being a place of friendly service, competent workers and for the most part a business that was a reflection of a society that had its manners and decency in check.

We could all travel with ease down the aisle passing members of our community with grace and dignity. A grocery store reflected something that was good in America. Maybe it was just the simple fact that systems that worked were passed on to the lowly bagger to the highest man in charge. Through the years things usually just went fine. After all, everyone in the community went to the grocery store and the employees there had to deal with all the demographics that the neighborhood or city had to offer. They were diplomats, gentlemen and ladies who received a wage that they could live on.

Now in 2016 I see a different state of my local grocery stores.

Through the years of inflation I have seen corporations try to stave off the devaluation of the dollar and the consequential rise in prices by paying off their union workers with lump sums to give up their future pensions and keep their jobs. I have seen the constant turnover of employees, new young people who basically are just starting out in life and think their wage is just fine until the responsibilities of life makes it undesirable and they move on. I have seen food packages and containers get smaller and the prices stay the same or go higher.

The items delivered are so tightly packed for shipping to save on costs that the boxes are dented and crushed. The items in an effort to save money and fight the rise in commodities costs are placed on the shelves in less than brand new condition. Cookies constantly have broken corners. Crackers and other fragile items have permanent creases on the sides. Every square inch of shelf is slammed together like sardines making the extraction of products into an avalanche or an exercise in motor skills function. Name brands are getting replaced with awful store brand knock offs.

Everything on sale is some special deal you can only get with a rewards card. What faceless jerk is making these calls and probably donating large lumps of money to political candidates that run this country just like these stores are run, where you the consumer, need to keep consuming and just shut the hell up and buy.

The grocery carts have locking wheels to prevent them from being removed from the property which one out of ten carts stays locked on within their property bounds. The spots under the cover of a roof to keep them dry are now reserved for pumpkins, pallets of water and other oddities while during precipitation our children get to sit on wet seats unless ‘we’ do something about it. The carts are pushed in the most convenient way for the worker to line up but left to the customer to figure out how to disassemble the tangled mess that irresponsible management has produced. My local Target seems to understand how a shopping cart is easily removed from the line up. The local grocery store is clueless.

Our odd late night runs to the store are met with locked doors that don’t open if we happen to park on the wrong side of the lot.

Locked because this neo-American nightmare we call society can’t even discourage the petty criminal’s theft of beer and products even when all the high tech gadgetry and surveillance we see makes it appear there is security. The human ability to be aware of his surroundings and take appropriate action is like the Do-do bird, extinct. Even proper signage reflecting the new procedure is a stack of baskets on the inside of the store. What kind of apathetic message with no effort is this

Obviously the apathy doesn’t end with just signs it ends with us fitting the bill for all shoplifted items that employees refuse to safeguard. Many times I have brought up attention of criminals to workers and instead of taking action by calling police, stopping the thief, or even attempting a façade of caring and action I am met with puzzled looks, fear and even compliance and siding with the criminal. Where does a society head when the majority becomes complacent and accepts violation of the rights associated with property as “just how things are”? Not up and above sewer level that is for sure.

The new management, probably under orders from above, floods the aisles with miscellaneous food displays. It gives old ladies, the handicapped and mothers of 3 an obstacle course to traverse

Everyone is subject to traffic jams. Then when we go to checkout at two available check stands out of ten we are forced through cattle shoots. The walls are up above the eye level of most people. Our ability to enjoy the poetry of life that might be going on in the next aisle with beautiful children, attractive beings and the seasoned citizens of the years gone past is blocked with the most brain numbing, ridiculous, pinnacle of worthless information in print. There is propaganda and unhealthy junk to place us at odds with our children and our waist lines. Like being in an elevator we see the back of heads and wonder why the person in front of us can’t pass down the belt divider so we can put down our 35 pound basket of groceries while the cashier of twenty-five has to check her I-phone for the text message containing the link to the current viral video of kittens being cute.

As if that wasn’t bad enough we are now in some cities (soon to be in yours) forced to pay for paper bags or bring in our own.

Something that was just free a few years ago now costs money because local parasitic governments want to pay for the parasitic government involvement into things that are bovine excrement.

How paying for something that was a danger to the environment after it was banned makes no sense at all. The premise: Plastic bags are bad for the environment; we banned plastic bags, now pay for paper bags. The money doesn’t go to the store. No, it goes to, well, somewhere.

Then to add insult to injury the mindless drones that were never trained on how to use paper bags, I guess because they grew up with predominately plastic bag use, don’t comprehend that you can’t fit a round peg into a square whole. Even common sense eludes them. This is a direct reflection of years of the education system here in my opinion. Even the idea that paper handles rip under a certain weight goes un-noticed. Also the method to double bagging is an origami nightmare to most of these future caretakers of America.

I can even rant further on the bag debacle by bringing up the issue of the number of bags given out during the bagging process.

You’d think that when asked if you need a bag that the clerk would guesstimate that you might need more than one. This matters not, you’ll get one bag. Even if two are needed. Who cares if when you pick up your overloaded bag and your box of saltines pokes through the side putting the rest of the groceries journey to the car in a precarious situation while fighting the laws of physics.

Who cares if you have a bag full of items, a gallon of milk and one loose large box of Cheerios to juggle with your 4 year old in tow.

Just use a cart you say? Well I could carry a week’s worth of groceries with plastic bags to the car by myself, up to door and unlock it and then up the stairs to my kitchen. Whose time is being lost and is that progress or theft?

But, but, but…the environment. Yeah OK, sure, the environment. I guess I never mentioned, in this winded writing at least, that when I was a kid plastic bags at the grocery store my dad worked at were written with the words “BIO-DEGRADES IN ULTRA VIOLET LIGHT”. Whatever happened to those bags? Hmmm? Think it is non-sense I made up? I would expect it. That is usually the standard procedure when discussing the things that go against the status quo’s revisionist history and the agenda for the serfs that fill their coffers and pay their pensions. Notice you never hear about the lamb chops from New Zealand or the blue berries from Chile being a problem but bags, they kill birds and fish. Yeah, I never saw birds or fish when plastic bags were running amuck.

Then there is the liquor that is no longer confined to one or two aisles on one side of the store. Now there is a bit of vice next to the milk in the refrigerators. There is hard alcohol next to our fruit and vegetables. There is the giant step pyramids of miscellaneous beer multi packs by the entrance that dwarf the soda display tenfold and are in our children’s face. Even the cookies and yogurt are neighbors to wine.

The older, more experienced check stand clerks are soon to be retired and the new front lines of neo-customer service representatives will take their place. Whether we want them or not the new friendly smiles and alert workers we grew up with are leaving because natural events occur regardless of our wants.

Our new culture is reflected with the checkout stand clerk and our grocery stores of our present and future.

Even prior to this writing exercise I visited my local grocery store after working a evening job. Still dressed in my uniform that makes everyone aware how bad polyester really looks as fashion I went in to get a few items.

I walked through making my way to the bread aisle and saw a young kid about the age of 19 to 21. He is there regularly at night and seems as if he is hard pressed to even try to be happy about getting paid, eating and making a productive life for himself. He is the opposite of gracious and displays an attitude of disdain that his dad should have beaten out of him before he reached manhood and was released into the workforce. I can only conclude his mother made all the wrong moves, except in the bedroom, had multiple partners during his upbringing and that he is a bastard in the literary definition of the word.

Upon passing the pitiful excuse for a grocery store worker I made eye contact as he looked up from his stocking duties on a lower shelf and I tried to give a salutation in a way that would be best to his liking. “How you doing?” I asked in a rougher voice than usual trying to take away my high pitched squeaky sound that normally emanates from my oratory organ. Along with a slight head nod from myself I was returned with NOTHING. He just turned his back to me and ignored the whole situation. How is that for treating others with respect? His incarcerated low life father did a great job. It also must be asked, who hired this guy?

That was just wave one of one night of experience. Wave two was at the check out where the cashier of a similar age as the low born male mentioned earlier was helping another male customer. He was already in deep philosophical conversation with the customer in front of me. The customer had a package of 24 bottled waters on the bottom of the cart and mentioned it to the young cashier.

He was so ready to be motivated by the dollars he was making at his job he asked the customer to get it and put up where he could scan it. It was wonderful to see how motivated he was to get his backside into gear and get to work. No it doesn’t end here.

So the customer starts to bag his own groceries. The two are still in a deep intellectual conversation mind you and it switches gears to customers and how, according to the cashier, that they usually just stand there waiting for their stuff to be bagged. He starts saying how he doesn’t want to complain about work when he is at work but you know, it is just a common courtesy(to bag your own groceries) especially if people are waiting. He goes on to say that the worst people guilty of not bagging their own groceries are the old. They just stand there and usually have an attitude.

Did you read that? Old people, who have lived years and years, building up a country where this heel can have the opportunity to make ends meet, not go hungry and have all the amenities of the Western world at his disposal thinks that they, old people, have an attitude for thinking that grocery clerks working at a grocery store should have to bag their groceries. Let’s not forget that for the last 60 years or more of these old peoples’ lives incompetent idiots like this prize bagged the groceries as part of their job. That is what they use to be paid for. Just like bags, we paid for them because it was worked into the price of store merchandise. Where does this thinking come from? This is the future? He gets to vote about issues concerning the welfare of this country. He has a job when they are cutting the hours of workers who give a damn?!?

Again, who hired this guy?

Just as the 60’s brought us a society of pragmatists and red revolutionaries that pushed us further into a world of uncertainty and the chasing of an unobtainable collectivist utopia the grocery stores will be symptoms of the apathetic, micro-managed, crony –capitalists philosophies who don’t care to understand anything but that of making their bonuses. Their employees will be just like those of the old rail road of the post civil war era who imported and hired the run of the mill, everyday, skill less, dime a dozen laborers. We should expect, even if your current climate dictates the opposite of mine, that you are currently islands in a rising sea of self entitlement and purposeful negligence. Eventually the standards of civility, courtesy, and respect will erode and the American business model you grew up with will decay into the soviet era model expressed in the movie Moscow on The Hudson with the late Robin Williams when he went to buy groceries the first time in America. One can easily find the clip on YouTube. In the film he suffered an anxiety attack because he was overcome by a clash between his culture and Americas all because of the amount of choices of coffee he was able to select. Where he came from there was only one choice, unlike you the reader, who has more than one and it needs to be made. Accept this rise in mediocrity and join the army of the lazy, apathetic, unproductive blight on your America. Or don’t and resist it any way you can. We can all start by rebuking the mental sloth exhibited by the publicly displayed purveyors of an inferior work ethic that oxidizes the very values which created all that we have to lose.
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